Our AGIR World Department will support you in the development
and management of your patrimony
in France or abroad considering
your situation of non-resident
or emigrant.

Our accommodations in Europe,
in Africa, in Asia will allow you to
find a solution both appropriate
and adapted to your goals.

The status of resident abroad is the
suitable time to think about the
organization of your patrimony.

Real-estate Investments
Financial Investments
Health Insurance for your family
Retirement Planning

And to prepare your arrival on the national territory, while ensuring
your future.



Expatriation or non-residence are situations that one must take advantage of to set a patrimony with a reduction or of taxes exemptions or various direct debits reserved to the French tax residents.

Invest with AgirWorld

According to your own situation and to the international agreement
applying within the welcoming country or with the country of origin,
AGIR Worldwide advisors are going to analyze your objectives and
will propose you a solution aligned with them.


Invest in Real-estate

Invest in Real-estate in France is :

Favor a valuable investment for one’s patrimony
Choose a profitable investment type, adapted to each person (taxation, social protection, earning and rewards).

Invest in Real-estate abroad is :

Prepare the future and one’s retirement while taking advantage
of the existing opportunities like the change rate and/or the international real estate market.

Diversify one’s patrimony using very advantageous
legal tax systems


Financial Investments

Financial Investments

Social taxes exemption

Not concerned by the tax on wealth (Tax on Fortune)

Exemption / Reduction of the taxes associated to earnings
and capital gains according to the Country Convention.

Besides, for the Life Insurance :

Important taxation and advantages, which last in time,
always applicable.

Capital security possibility for a real estate acquisition.

Capital always available with a possibility of account advances.

Available everywhere in the world tanks to the Internet